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SysAid Database Backup & Restore  XML
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SysAid Marketing

Joined: 05/01/2009
Messages: 34

Dear SysAiders,

A recent hardware failure on my home PC reminded me of a very important topic I wish to raise this
June. Thankfully, my data was securely backed up, but the words 'data loss' are enough to send most
IT Managers into a cold sweat I'm sure. That's why this month we feature an extended SysAid Tip
dedicated to SysAid database backup and restore.

While here at SysAid, we have backup servers scattered throughout multiple locations in the U.S and
Europe, not all services require such an extensive multi-geographical backup plan - which is all the
more reason we've laid down a simple, step-by-step guide to achieving successful database backup
in this edition.

On a lighter note, our annual SysAid survey results are now in. Without overdoing the number crunch,
I'd like to point out a few interesting facts about our 2009 SysAid survey.

First up, some outstanding results! 97.24% of SysAiders surveyed are so satisfied with their SysAid
experience, they would willingly recommend SysAid to other organizations, while 96.79% would adopt
new SysAid modules in the future.

Our SysAid bug fixes have always been a high priority, and your feedback indicates the importance of
reinforcing our efforts in this area. In response to your survey suggestions about our SysAid User
Guides, we have just released our new SysAid Knowledgebase & FAQ Flash Tutorial.

Last but not least, less than a month and a half after general release, 61.29% of SysAiders surveyed
have actively deployed the new SysAid 6.0. Overall, the highest rated SysAid qualities were both
reliability and speed of implementation.

While it's said that true perfection does not exist, it's the continual self-reevaluation and progress in
the quest for perfection that really counts. And here we get to the core of what SysAid is all about.

So whatever quest you're on this June, be it perfection, happiness, simplicity (or a robust database
backup perhaps), enjoy it, or should I say, enjoy IT!

For more information, please visit our SysAid June 2009 Newsletter


Israel Lifshitz
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